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In-service Training and Workshops

For over thirty years of being a professor and a “Relationship Doctor” I have had many opportunities to conduct workshops and training. Much of my focus has been on Marriage Education and Relationship Training. Relationship skills and self-awareness are fundamental to success in the workplace. Indeed, customer service skills are critical to most businesses.

In my “Family Life Education Methods” course at the university I trained students in how to create and present powerful workshops. I taught them “The Model of Change”. I believe that a presentation needs to go beyond being entertaining and insightful. A good workshop should really change the way people understand, behave and relate. I enjoy designing workshops specifically for the audience I am presenting to. I want to be very clear on the “Outcome Goal” or what behavior and skills we want participants to use after attending the workshop. Then I design a process to teach them the knowledge and skills to accomplish the Outcome Goal behaviors.

My workshop and training are individually designed and negotiated for each setting and need. My fees will need to be negotiated and I am willing to travel to do on-site or retreat training. I think you will find me creative, insightful and entertaining. I have had very positive feedback on my workshops and trainings.

Dr. Randy S. Chatelain

  • Dr. Randy S. Chatelain

    My Life Mission: “To Touch the Lives of Other People for their Betterment, While Personally Growing and Enjoying the Journey.”

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