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What if you woke up tomorrow and a miracle had occurred overnight?

Marriage Counseling

Couple’s Therapy has always been the primary focus of my private therapy practice. READ MORE

Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling could be the most important investment in your life!. READ MORE

Relationship Coaching

I see myself as a “Relationship Doctor” and I am very comfortable with either marital therapy or relationship coaching.

Family Therapy

Although I am trained in Family Therapy and do quite a bit of it, my family therapy focus has been on families with young adult and adult children.

Individual Psychotherapy

For thirty years, I taught “The Family in Stress” course at the university. Helping people cope with life’s challenges and deal with stressful situations is one of my areas of specialty in my private practice.

In-service Training Workshops

For over thirty years of being a professor and a “Relationship Doctor” I have had many opportunities to conduct workshops and training.

Public Speaking

Many of my presentation opportunities are a one-time speaking event. Over the years I have presented many “Keynote Addressed” to professional audiences, conferences, or lay audiences and church groups.

Dr. Randy S. Chatelain

  • Dr. Randy S. Chatelain

    My Life Mission: “To Touch the Lives of Other People for their Betterment, While Personally Growing and Enjoying the Journey.”

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