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Relationship Coaching

I see myself as a “Relationship Doctor” and I am very comfortable with either marital therapy or relationship coaching. Some see “Relationship Coaching” as an appropriate label for working with couples who are not so much in crisis, but desire to improve their relationship. Much of my career has centered on marriage education and marital enrichment. I have a wealth of information and lots of tools to share with you. As a Relationship Coach, I focus in on the specific things you need, to help you be most effective in your relationship. Again, I’d like to help you achieve the relationship you have always wanted.

Relationship Coaching could certainly include relationships with other types of family, personal, and business relationships. I often work with business people and coach them with their interpersonal skills and relationships. My goal is to help you develop healthy and effective interpersonal relationships, either personally or on the job.

Over the years, I have enjoyed working with family owned businesses. Operating a family business is a challenge and many of the Family Therapy concepts and techniques apply. There are great rewards and satisfaction that comes from developing a family business, but relationships and the rules often become “fuzzy” and it is easy to get hooked into difficult “triangles” and blurred boundaries. Employing a Relationship Coach can be especially valuable when trying to navigate these difficult waters.

Dr. Randy S. Chatelain

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