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Individual Psychotherapy

For thirty years, I taught “The Family in Stress” course at the university. Helping people cope with life’s challenges and deal with stressful situations is one of my areas of specialty in my private practice.

Of course, I work with a lot of individuals pertaining to their relationships and at times we have to do marital therapy with only one partner, because the other partner is not willing to come to therapy. I also work well with empowering people, building self-esteem or addressing childhood issues. I have a special ability to connect well with people and help them become stronger and more capable individuals.

I am in the process of writing a book titled “Managing the Side Effects of Your Good Traits: A Book Written for Good People.” Most of the people who come to me for therapy are really good people, trying to improve themselves and/or their relationships. It is fascinating how our good traits often become our challenges, and I enjoy helping people recognize the side effects of their good traits and how to manage them. It is a really positive and empowering approach to therapy and I would love to share it with you and your partner.

Some therapists work with individual with extensive psychological disorders – high anxiety, severe depression and even schizophrenia. These are not my area of focus or training, nor am I set up to see clients on a 24/7, crisis situation. I would probably refer you to Clinical Psychologist or Treatment Center. I also do not deal with severe addictions or drug and alcohol cases. These disorders require extensive treatment and follow-up support systems. My therapy practice is not designed to provide that level of treatment. I am glad that there are therapists and treatment centers that specialize in these severe type of disorders.

Dr. Randy S. Chatelain

  • Dr. Randy S. Chatelain

    My Life Mission: β€œTo Touch the Lives of Other People for their Betterment, While Personally Growing and Enjoying the Journey.”

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