Dr Chatelain is retiring.

After 35 years of being a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I am retiring and will no longer be accepting couples for therapy. I will continue to see couples for “Relationship Coaching” on a limited basis and primarily with the couples I has previously worked with in therapy. They can continue to reach me at 801-710-6900.

By the end of August, I hope to wrap up therapy with the couples I am currently working with. My professional therapy license will become inactive at the end of September, 2020.

I am entering a new stage of life. I plan on enjoying my family and spending more time doing the other things I love, while I am still viable and able to do so. It is with mixed feelings that I leaves the career that has been so much of his life, for so many years. I feel truly blessed to have had so many wonderful people touch my life.


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  • Dr. Randy S. Chatelain

    My Life Mission: “To Touch the Lives of Other People for their Betterment, While Personally Growing and Enjoying the Journey.”

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With clear “outcome goals” we go to work getting an understanding of what is going on and then develop an intervention plan strong enough to get the changes and improvement you want.

  • I am a“Relationship Doctor” and very comfortable with either marital therapy or relationship coaching.

  • I will be available for public speaking opportunities on a limited basis.  Please contact me for more information.