My Life Mission:

“To Touch the Lives of Other People for their Betterment, While Personally Growing and Enjoying the Journey.”

Therapy Training and Experience:

For 30 years, I have been helping people improve their lives and relationships. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I have worked with thousands of individuals and couples. But, over the years my passion has been working with couples.  I love connecting one-on-one with couples and helping them have the relationship they have always wanted. With my Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy and 30 years of therapy experience, you would be hard pressed to find someone more skilled and experienced in relationship counseling.

Professor of Family Relations:

For the same thirty years, I have also been an Associate Professor at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. I have taught thousands of students in my courses, including Marriage as an Interpersonal Process, The Family in Stress, Family Processes and Family Life Education Methods. Many of my students have gone on to become Marriage and Family Therapist. Some are even Directors of Marriage and Family Therapy graduate training programs, but even more importantly, these students have learned to develop healthy relationships, loving marriages and stronger families. I love teaching, I love my students and my students seem to love me.

Being a teacher and a therapist is a powerful combination. I do a lot of teaching in my therapy, and therapy brings a wealth of experience to my teaching as a professor. My career at Weber State has changed. I took advantage of an early retirement from Weber State, so I could focus more on my family and my private therapy practice. I have shifted my energy over to my therapy practice and other creative projects.

Utah Marriage Commission:

I would also note that I have served under four Governors on the Utah Marriage Commission. The purpose of the Utah Marriage Commission is “To help people form and maintain a strong marriage”, which fits nicely into my life purpose. I served for seven years on the Utah Marriage Commission, including two years as the Chair, helping families across Utah. I continue to be associated with the Utah Marriage Commission and their purpose of helping people build a strong marriage and family.

As a Person:

I am a “real guy” who thoroughly enjoys life. My wife Pam and I have been married for over thirty-five years and continue to work on our relationship. She is the love of my life and best friend. Together, we have five married children and twelve grandchildren. We love our family and enjoy gathering as family.

We currently live in our fantasy home at the mouth of Coldwater Canyon, a timber frame home I built from the timbers of a giant old barn that I grew up playing in as a child. (See YouTube, “Amazing Timber Frame Home in North Ogden”) I enjoy working with my hands. I am a woodworker, timber framer, stonemason, and wood carver. I also enjoy working in our yard. I have a passion for nature and spending time in the outdoors. I am also an accomplished wildlife photographer. I think you will find me to be a warm, friendly, passionate person who will help mentor you into having the relationships you have always wanted. With my wealth of experience, intuitive skills and positive approach to life, I hope that you will find therapy to be a valuable and enjoyable experience.

The Therapy Process:

Although I have years of experience with thousands of couples, I treat every couple as unique individuals. Like a good “architect” I want to help you design the relationship you both want to live in. I will ask you for your “outcome goals” -- you came to therapy for something and I want you get what you came in for. With clear “outcome goals” we go to work getting an understanding of what is going on and then develop an intervention plan strong enough to get the changes and improvement you want. In my mind, I see three “clients” in couple therapy -- you, your partner, and the relationship. We will work on all three. Therapy is hard work but a rewarding and enjoyable growth process, which requires effort both in therapy and at home.

We typically meet weekly for an hour, but that can change if circumstances require it. Once we get good progress and skills to work on, we start to extend therapy to every other week or longer, in an effort to monitor and maintain changes. This is the fun part of therapy, where couples start to enjoy the changes they have worked to achieve. Finally, we finish therapy, leaving the door open to come back if necessary. Typically, therapy is a six to ten week process, but that can change according to circumstances. The harder you work beyond the therapy session, the more effective and shorter the length of therapy. If you are committed to each other and committed to the therapy process, we will have success! You can achieve the relationship you both want.